MiamiPhotoFest 2019


The MiamiPhotoFest International Emerging Photography Awards is an annual photography competition open to all levels of photographers, from enthusiastic hobbyists to aspiring professional photographers


Our goal is to inspire photographers to push their creative boundaries and surpass themselves photographically while creating new opportunities for discovery.  With cash prizes, Fujifilm digital imaging equipment, one-on-one portfolio reviews and worldwide gallery exhibition opportunities, MiamiPhotoFest will recognize leading talents who capture and define photographic arts around the globe and provide the resources they need to propel their careers forward creatively and professionally.


SINGLES COMPETITION - First Place - Hardijanto Budiman, Indonesia

Hardijanto Budiman

Hardijanto Budiman


SINGLES COMPETITION - Second Place - Ngo Van Diep, Vietnam

Ngo Van Diep

Ngo Van Diep





Alberto del Hoyo - a spanish photographer based in the Canary Island. Holds a MBA from Instituto de Empresa Business School and is graduated in Business and Photography.  His own curiosity for different ways of living has brought him to unfamiliar tribal territories of Asia, South America and Africa searching for the distinctive beauty and variety of its people.   In 2015 founded “Pics 4 Pills” and 2018 publish the book Mystic Valley. Fundraising initiative with the only aim of collecting medicines and monetary funds for the Omo Valley people in Ethiopia.



Nadoria is a 13 years old girl of the Suri tribe in Ethiopia, lives in a small mountain village near the border with Sudan. She is the daughter of one of the elders of the tribe. The size of her ear plate indicates the extent of her dowry. “The bigger my ear plate, the higher number of cows my family will get from my marriage”.  Barduri, is a young man of 17 years of the same Suri tribe in Ethiopia. He has lost vision in his right eye as a result of a wound during the celebration of the "stick fight", ancestral ceremony consisting of an unprotected stick fight against young members of the neighboring tribes. A ritual for the transition of young stars to men. Far from feeling sorry Barduri feels pride, he has shown his family that he is a brave man, he has become a man, a warrior of honor. He has won his right in the tribe to be able to choose his wife and that she respect him.  From the beginning of history the human race is composed of a large number of cultures, people and tribes. Each one has its own way of life, values and social rituals. The portraits of these people invite our conscience to remember the importance of understanding cultural identities in all their variety.  Portraits of the fragility of a female childhood subrogated to warriors of honor.  Portraits of his reality.  It is vast, silent. Magical. Omo Valley


SERIES COMPETITION - Runner Up - ELENA ANOSOVA - OUT OF THE WAY - Irkutskaya oblast, Russia

Elena Anosova -  In the Out-of-the-way project, I work with my main subject – isolation that is inspired by part of my family living in the Extreme North. Local and family traditions and legends still have power in Northern Lands, where they create unique regional mythology frozen in time.


Out-of-the-way is a story about a settlement in the extreme North of Russia, where bad accessibility and isolation, special relationship with nature and following the centuries-old ways of life involve unique mythology of the region where the fictional things are very often more important than modern reality.  These lands are immersed in the flow of their own life activity, where the past and the present surprisingly interlace.  My ancestors were hereditary hunters in a small settlement in the basin Nizhnyaya Tunguska River. Almost 300 years ago they came to colonize Siberia, then assimilated into the Evenkis (Tunguses) and founded a village in the taiga. Nowadays the population of the village is 100 adults and the closest town is 300 km away, there are no roads and the only thing that connects it with civilization is the helicopter that shuttles twice a month, the transport connection (winter road) functions only 2,5 winter months.  Life of this part of my family — my father’s siblings and numerous cousins and nephews — has not changed for centuries in that remote area surrounded by pristine wilderness.  Modern civilization penetrates slowly and fragmentarily in there, it is intricately woven into the local way of life. Electricity, supplied by a diesel generator, is available only in the mornings and evenings. Temperatures in winter average -45° Celsius.  Using family archetypes, I combine photography, archive, objects and installations in my work, and I hope to arouse interest in other family histories and ask questions... ...such as...who we are, where do we come from, and how encapsulated micro-communities survive without external influences, when logistics is difficult, there have to deal with isolation, harsh climate and wild nature around.





Maggie Steber: Photographer, NatGeo

Yumi Goto: Independent Curator, Editor, Researcher, Reminders Photography Stronghold co-founder

Michael Itkoff: Founder, Daylight Books

Elizabeth Avedon: Curator, Book and Exhibition Designer and Consultant 

Moshe Rosenzveig: Creative Director, HEAD ON Photo Festival

Patricia Gouvêa: Visual Artist, Founder of Ateliê da Imagem, Rio de Janeiro

Molly Glynn: Photo Editor at Wonderful Machine