Book Signings

MiamiPhotoFest book signing events brings together renowned photographers and publishers for a day filled with talks, personal stories, and insights.

Visitors will have the opportunity to meet their favorite artists to sign and dedicate their published works.


Ralph Gibson

Gibson is perhaps best known for his fragmentary and secretive photographs of the human figure. His black-and-white images, built around bold light and dark shadow, are instantly recognizable to the legions of admirers who collect his prints and the more than 40 books he has published. Self-Exposure is the most current autobiography of this celebrated photographer.


Andy Summers

The Bones of Chuang Tzu,  Andy Summers' interpretation of China. Influenced by many aspects of Asian culture since his teenage years and particularly the writings of fourth-century Chinese poet and philosopher Chuang Tzu, this book is a logical culmination of these interests.


Antoine d'Agata, CODEX, America

Antoine d’Agata has traveled the world’s darkest corners collecting images of prostitutes, addicts, war-torn communities, and the homeless. A nomad himself, d’Agata tackles subjects often left untouched, unnoticed, or ignored.


Bruce Gilden, Only God Can Judge Me

Bruce Gilden’s most recent project, Only God Can Judge Me. In his latest and most poignant ongoing series, Bruce Gilden has been photographing  street workers addicted to crack and heroin. This new book is coming to Miami Photo Fest 2019


Amy Gelb, As Is

Amy Gelb's plain-spoken, yet graceful portraits invite the viewer to engage in a conversation about women, self-image, and how we define true beauty. 


Renée Jacobs, Paris

Renée Jacobs' fine art nude photography gives the viewer a luxurious peek into the ultra-sensual world of the feminine. Beyond sexy, her photographs are dreamy and secretive, daring and alluring. 


Maria Daniel Balcazar, Kilombo

Miami Photo Fest is pleased to team up with Burn Books to present Maria Daniel Balcazar’s “Kilombo”, an intimate and powerful photo essay that captures the daily lives and religious practices of the Afro-Brazilian culture.


John A. Chakeres, First Fleet: NASA’s Space Shuttle Program 1981–1986 

First Fleet began more than 30 years ago with the launch of the first Space Shuttle Columbia. With special access to photograph the Shuttle operations at the Kennedy Space Center, John began his multi-year project photographing the five original space shuttles. The images are a never-before-seen look at the sensational launch and landing operations of the space shuttles.


Peggy Nolan, Real Pictures

Tales of a Badass Grandma, the result of many decades of photographs recording the day-to-day workings of a large family. This book describes how a very large family and their many partners and offspring get through the day.