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Mathieu Bitton

MiamiPhotoFest and OstLicht. Gallery for Photography, 
Vienna Presents the work of Mathieu Bitton. In his photographs, Bitton captures Lenny Kravitz and his life as a musician.




Mathieu Bitton’s “Ascension

Mathieu Bitton’s portraits show new facets of life within the rock music circus. The photographer, a long-time comrade-in-arms of Kravitz, has accompanied the musician on his world tours, capturing both grand poses on stage and quiet hours between concerts. These works are exhibited for the first time as part of the exhibition FLASH.

Seen from this angle, his works reveal much about the photographer, his life, and his subjects in a uniquely intense and aesthetic way. The photographs document Kravitz’s world tours and offer unusual insights into the nomadic life of a musician.

Mathieu Bitton’s “Ascension” - will be on display at MiamiPhotoFest 2019 - Feb 27th - Mar 3rd.

Opening night RSVP, Limited Availability

All Prints are signed and available for sale during this event.

Mathieu Bitton’s “Ascension” is produced by Florida Photographic Foundation and supported by OstLicht. Gallery for Photography, Vienna

Mathieu Bitton, Grammy-nominated artist born in Paris. His vast and vast body of work has seen him designing album art and poster art for a who’s who of musical history, including Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Jack White, Sting, Miles Davis (he designed the incredible packaging to the Bitches’ Brew 40th Anniversary Edition box set), Marvin Gaye, Jane’s Addiction, Bob Marley, Quincy Jones, James Brown, George Clinton, Earth, Wind & Fire, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Dolly Parton and many more. If there’s an album cover that moves you, inspires you or impacts you, the odds are pretty high that Mathieu Bitton created it.

In 2012, Bitton received one of France’s highest decorations, the medal of Chevalier Dans L’Ordre Des Arts & Lettres (Knight in the order of arts and letters) from the French Republic.

OstLicht is a new project by Peter Coeln, who has been successfully running the photo museum WestLicht since 2001; it shows high-quality international photo exhibitions alongside a permanent exhibition of historical cameras, and also hosts photographic auctions which are well-known beyond the borders of Austria.