Miami Photo Fest Presents

Mayumi Suzuki

The Restoration Will

Miami Photo Fest is pleased to team up with ceiba editions who will be presenting one of their latest release by Mayumi Suzuki. The artist will be on hand for an intimate presentation, to answer questions, sign and dedicate their published works.

By the selection and arrangement of my father’s photos, I have attempted the restoration of his will.






This book describes how a very large family and their many partners and offspring get through the day. 

Mayumi Suzuki was born and raised in the city of Onagawa, Japan. She’s always been surrounded by photography  Her Grandfather, in1930 founded a photography studio which served and studio and home. On March of 2011, an incident occurred which brought great change to her and her family’s life. The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and tsunami of 2011 destroyed over seventy percent of her hometown Onagawa. More than ten percent of the town’s population died or went missing, including Mayumi’s Parents. 

The home where she grew up, lived and worked was totally destroyed. All that remained of her family history was condensed into a pile of rubble. Searching through the devastation she uncovered what remained of the darkroom, and then covered in mud and debris she recovered her father’s camera. Feeling of regrets overtook her thoughts, thinking why? 

Mayumi grasped at heart her father’s camera with muddy lens and all. She decided to capture some images with her father’s camera.The images came out dark and blurry, like a view of the deceased.  She felt she could connect with her father through the muddy and murky lens. She brought her father back to life through an instrument that was part of his life. But questions still flood her thoughts…

“How would he fell about our new town reconstructed if he was alive?”

“What would he feel now that I grew up as a photographer?”

These are the thoughts and questions give me the reason to continue taking photographs. Through these thoughts I feel like I’m having a conversation with my parents. My Father’s images, my childhood, the tarnished color of damaged photographs, torn edges live as part of these images.  My Father’s images will live on, stained and discolored, these scars are similar to the pain and suffering felt by my town, similar to my memories which I am slowly losing.

I hope to retain the memory and my family’s history through the images in this book. By the selection and arrangement of my father’s photos, I have attempted the restoration of his will.




ceiba editions, an independent  book publishing house based in Siena, Italy. At CEIBA we strongly believe in the “form follows content” mantra. Close collaboration and great passion are our drivers, the motivation behind a project is as important as the photographic work itself.  We love to explore different solutions, and don’t shy away from hard work, paying manic attention to each and every detail.