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A long forgotten Nocturne

Ole Marius Joergensen

“A Long Forgotten Nocturne” is not only an ode to this romantic period, but a continuance of the artistic movement shot with Joergensen’s unique and contemporary eye. 




Ole Marius Joergensen, A long forgotten Nocturne

Best known for his meticulously staged cinematic photographs, Marius Joergensen use of theatrical lighting and vivid color juxtapositions emphasizes the mystery and duality of rural life in the modern world. 

As child in rural Norway, Joergensen became fascinated with suburban America, like the popular narratives told on screen by Steven Spielberg and the storytelling of author Stephen King. Drawn to these descriptive narratives and quality of light, he found himself wanting to create his own stories. 

“A Long Forgotten Nocturne” is not only an ode to this romantic period, but a continuance of the artistic movement shot with Joergensen’s unique and contemporary eye. 

Like the painters of old, Joergensen travels throughout his rural Norway in search of these unique latent beauties like old farm houses and gas stations that have been forgotten in modern age. He resurrects them before they vanish in time using light and the magic of nature creating a an idyllic and mysterious tableau.

Much like the Romantic Movement this series is a reaction to a revolution, in this case the digital revolution that has marked a complete shift in our society.  A society, which places little value on the simplicity and beauty of rural life, but instead focuses on the immediate and ephemeral found in contemporary society. 

Ole Marius Joergensen, A long forgotten Nocturne - will be on display at MiamiPhotoFest 2019 - Feb 27th - Mar 3rd.

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Ole Marius Joergensen, A long forgotten Nocturne is produced by Florida Photographic Foundation and supported by Momentum Fine Art.

Ole Marius Joergensen (born 1976) is an artist with a background in film based in Asker, Norway.  

Influenced by the work of the mid century painter Hopper and the directors Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch, as well as 19th Century painting traditions of David Caspar Frederic, his work often depicts ordinary situations infused with a unique narrative that unlocks an unexpected mystery that feels both old and new. 

The majority of Ole Marius work is shot in the sparsely populated areas of the northern regions of Norway and his artist studio in Asker. In 2014 he debuted his first major series “No Superhero,” an ode to one of his childhood heroes, and a playful series with dark undertones. Ole Marius views Superman as a metaphor for taking risks and the worry of failure. Each scene is depicted through a lens that captures childhood nostalgia with the hero as an ordinary man. 

In 2015 Ole Marius debuted his work “Space Travels” which was his rediscovery of his native country. It was a narrative driven by the feeling of being trapped in a place and yearning for a new adventure that is out of reach.

 “Vignettes of a Salesman” (2016) is a love letter to simpler times of Scandinavia in the 1950s and 1960s. This series follows the main protagonist on a silent, solitary journey and the complex emotions, from the dark to the eccentric, associated with a stranger’s life unfulfilled. 

Ole Marius’ work has been exhibited widely in the United States, Asia, and Europe.  His work can be found in private collections in Hong Kong, Stockholm, Oslo, London, Madrid and Berlin. His work has been featured on international art & culture websites, as well as in printed publications around the world.

He is currently working on a book of his work to be published in 2019.

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